Salt and Pepper diamonds

Salt and pepper diamonds are rapidly increasing in popularity around the world. Once considered undesirable, rough and inferior, salt and pepper diamond jewellery has now become highly sought after and fashionable amongst those looking for something truly unique, mysterious and veering on the avant-garde.

Nearly all diamonds have some degree of flaw and imperfection, often so tiny as to be invisible to the naked eye. With salt and pepper diamonds, so-called because of their mottled white and black patternation, these inclusions can be large, dark and smoky, creating their distinctive characteristics and individualism. No two salt and pepper diamonds ever look the same at any distance, their personalities defined by the unique graining and crystallisation of each stone.

Globally recognised Salt and Pepper diamond specialist

At Bjorn, we have perfected imperfection by supplying only the very best, most expressive, diverse and intense stones available anywhere. We are recognised leaders in our field and supply to jewellery designers, manufacturers and brands around the world. Most have come to us because their customers are seeking an alternative to tradition or conforming, that is both affordable and celebrates beauty beyond flaw.

Stunning colours and shapes

It is the natural-looking, speckled structure of Bjorn Salt and Pepper Diamonds that gives them their desirability and often wild, raw or milky appearance. Some will be dark and moody, others light and bright with tiny flecks that collectively produce a beautiful overall effect. They can be close to black, dark or light grey, colourless or tinged with yellow, green or red hues. All, however, are lively and present good sparkle, something that certainly isn’t guaranteed by other suppliers.

Though many consider these stones to be rustic, they can be truly breathtaking when cut, faceted and polished like any other diamond. Bjorn is a pioneer in the shaping of salt and pepper diamonds and is proud to be able to offer all of our stones in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is something that very few other suppliers can boast. 

This versatility makes our diamonds perfect for a variety of jewellery styles from vintage to contemporary. Our stones look stunning in both high-end, stylish settings and in more rough-cut styles. They can be set in a single or stackable band, or be paired with other diamonds or gemstones for a personalised and sophisticated design. Yellow and rose gold settings bring out the colour and patterns of our stones perfectly, whilst white gold and silver settings create a cool, icy vibe. Choose specific stones to reflect the personality of the wearer, from bright and vivacious to dark and romantic.

Round Brilliant

The classic round cut with perfectly aligned facets to ensure brilliance and uninhibited visibility of the diamond’s distinctive inclusions.

Round Rose Cut

Much less common than brilliant cut, rose cut diamonds have an ethereal, antique feel with a domed top and flat base. Like the petals of a fully bloomed rose, the top is covered in distinctive triangular facets, offering another option when considering round cut diamonds.


Although one of the most technically challenging diamond cuts to achieve, Bjorn has mastered this elegant pear shape, sometimes called a teardrop or drop. A characterful, creative alternative to round cuts that can really dress the wearer.


A modified form of the brilliant cut, this elongated shape creates the illusion of greater carat weight and presents an extended area for the inclusions to be seen.


This long, narrow cut can appear to elongate the fingers of the wearer and draws the eye from point to point through the complexities of the stone’s characterful flaws.


With its multi-faceting and clean lines, this distinctive cut echoes one of nature’s most fundamental shapes and presents a window view directly into its imperfections.


For the ultimate statement of individuality and elegance, look no further than this stunning, confident triangular cut that offers unrivalled lustre and brilliance in a salt and pepper diamond.

A more ethical option Not only do salt and pepper diamonds enable the wearer to stand out and make a statement through their one-of-a-kind ambience, but they are also more environmentally friendly than classic white diamonds. This is because fewer resources are required to extract the more readily available salt and pepper diamonds from the earth, making them a more sustainable and less expensive option. Bjorn only sources its stones from reputable mines.

Upcoming events

We travel and meet our customers all over the world and recently exhibited in Germany (Munich) and the USA (Tucson and Las Vegas).

We’ve also taken our roadshow to:

Europe: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm and Warsaw

USA: Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco

Australia: Melbourne and Sydney

We have plans to attend three major jewellery and gem trade exhibitions in early 2022 and may well be touring our own roadshow again somewhere near you next year.

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